Dogs in Colorado are as natural as the mountains. But is there one breed of dog that is preferred over all the others?

Of course, there is.

Each year, The American Kennel Club (AKC) compiles its list of the top breeds, which then get broken down by state. Interestingly enough, for the last 22 years, one particular breed has been the, well, top dog.

Now, granted, we all have our own personal preferences. My dog, Jazz, is a long hair chihuahua and Tibetan spaniel mix. He didn't make the list, but I'm not going to tell him. No need for a depressed dog. But perhaps YOUR dog did.

Let's check the list.

At number five, we have:

The French Bulldog

One Dog Breed Dogs Other Dog Breeds in Colorado
Mario Tama, Getty Images

This breed is a cross between French and English Bulldogs and is recognizable by its bat ears and silhouette or roach back skull.

Not to be outdone, we have:

The English Bulldog

One Dog Breed Dogs Other Dog Breeds in Colorado
Photo, Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

They are loveable, gentle, resolute and dignified. And they WISH they could be a lap dog!

Up to number three on our countdown of Colorado's top five dog breeds, in at number three:

The German Shepherd

One Dog Breed Dogs Other Dog Breeds in Colorado
Photo, Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The official name of this beautiful dog is The German Shepherd Dog. I did not make that up. Long recognized as one of the most beautiful and intelligent of dog breeds, the shepherd continues to be one of the most popular and easily recognizable dog breeds around.

The Golden Retriever

One Dog Breed Dogs Other Dog Breeds in Colorado

The Golden retriever is a larger breed of dog that is adept at "retrieving" hunted game such as ducks, and other waterfowl, hence the name. They are loyal, patient and accept training well.

Golden retrievers are also used as therapy and guide dogs.

But the number one dog breed, not only in Colorado but across America as well is.

The Labrador Retriever


Colorado's Most Popular Dog

Also referred to as Labs, the Labrador retriever has been the most popular dog breed for decades, and with good reason. They are even tempered, loyal, trusting and wonderful around children. Like the Golden retriever, the Labrador is also adept at hunting and retrieving game.

Labs are primarily black, yellow and chocolate.

Is your breed on the list? Let us know what YOUR favorite breed is and we can make a western slope list!

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