Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has euthanized a deer that attacked a 5-year-old Colorado Springs boy in his backyard on Thursday (June 4).

Fox 31 Denver reports that the deer was regularly in the boy's backyard and frequently sat under the family's trampoline.

But on this particular day, the deer approached the boy when he went to get a ball from under the trampoline, which he had been jumping on with his father.

According to the boy's father, the deer smelled the boy before striking him on the shoulder with its front hoof.

Thankfully, the boy did not sustain any serious injuries. The deer then walked away from him but continued to roam around the yard.

The deer also walked up to CPW officers when they arrived at the scene, leading them to believe that the animal had been frequently fed by people.

CPW asserts that feeding deer is not only illegal but also dangerous for both people and animals.

The body of the deer, which was a healthy buck, will be taken to a lab for testing.

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