What was a close call for a beautiful Colorado owl will likely result in a happy ending as the bird is expected to make a full recovery following being hit by, and stuck inside, a truck.

Colorado Owl is Hit By a Truck

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The incident more than likely took place on the night of Monday, November 14th in Colorado Springs. A motorist driving a pickup truck allegedly hit the owl and didn't realize it at the time, but discovered the bird the next day.

The owl is a Great Horned Owl, which is the most prevalent and widely distributed owl in North America, and was found lodged in the truck's front grill, luckily still alive.

The motorist alerted the Colorado Parks and Wildlife division whose officers were able to coax the owl out of the truck grill and rescue it.

What's going to happen to the Colorado Owl?

Travis Sauder, a wildlife officer with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, says that despite the accident, the owl is "overall pretty healthy."

The owl will likely spend time recovering at Colorado's Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center in Pueblo, Colorado until it is rehabilitated and in good enough shape to be reintroduced into the wild.

As you can see from the above video with officer Sauder, the owl appears to have an injured wing but considering the severity of what happened to it, the bird seems to be in fairly good shape and is quite frankly lucky to be alive and in the condition that it is in.

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