These four new gun control laws, according to the State of Colorado, will make our state one of the ten safest states in America. Governor Polis stated that the new laws will "improve public safety and reduce gun violence."

Colorado has seen more than its share of gun-related violence; incidents that have touched not only our state, but the nation, as well. Time will tell if these newest gun laws will keep Colorado out of national news for gun violence, but here's to hoping that they indeed do.

Governor Polis called the new laws "common-sense legislation, as he signed the four bills into law on Friday, April 28, 2023. lists 12 mass shootings that have taken place in Colorado, dating back to 1993 with the Chuck E. Cheese shooting, including Columbine, the Boulder King Soopers shooting, and 2022's Club Q shooting.

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  • A Three-Day Waiting Period.  The waiting period is the later in time of 3 days after the initiation of a required background check of the purchaser or when the purchase is approved following any background check. HB23-1219
  • Minimum Age Raised to 21. With a number of limited exceptions, Colorado new minimum age to knowingly possess a firearm moves from 18 to 21. SB23-169.
  • Gun Violence Victims' Access to Judicial System. This law repeals the limitations that were in place that limited the product liability actions against manufacturers of firearms and ammunition to situations in which there was a defect in the design or manufacture of a firearm or ammunition. SB23-168
  • Extreme Risk Protection (Red Flag Law) Expanded. Where before, a family or household member, a law enforcement officer or agency could petition for an extreme risk protection order, it now also includes licensed medical care providers, licensed mental health-care providers, licensed educators, and district attorneys. SB23-170

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