As part of the ongoing expansion of the campus of Colorado Mesa University, the school has asked the City of Grand Junction to donate Cannell Avenue to the University.

Closing Cannell Avenue to motorized traffic has long been on the minds of CMU officials. The reasons being, it will help the university expand the campus while providing more safety for students who frequently cross the street.

This isn't the first time CMU has acquired streets from the city. A portion of Elm Avenue west of 12th Street through the campus was acquired several years ago. Plus, the university acquired a portion of Cannell Avenue last year. Both these streets were ultimately closed once they were acquired.

According to, the remainder of Cannell Avenue CMU is asking the city to donate would equal about 126,000 square feet. The university would have the option of closing the street, except for fire access, if the city of Grand Junction decides to donate the property.

It's also a well-known fact, based on property acquisitions, the campus is and wants to continue expanding west. So, it seems logical CMU will try to acquire portions of other streets in the future.

Some say Cannell Avenue, with its partial closure and campus congestion, is essentially useless while others would like to see the street kept open.

We're not questioning if the street should remain open or closed, but, should the City of Grand Junction donate rather than offer to sell the road to CMU?

We'd like to know what you think. A public hearing on August 5 at City Hall will determine the future of Cannell Avenue.