A family that had to leave their home last Thursday to seek shelter from the Marshall wildfire is now facing another tragic event just days later as their SUV was stolen from their hotel.

Marshall Fire Victims SUV Stolen From Hotel

Last Thursday afternoon in Boulder County, thousands of families were given the notice to vacate their homes, offices, stores, and more as first responders warned as many people as they could about the rapidly spreading wildfire coming their way.

One of those families was the Fazio family from Superior. While the hurricane-type winds blew the Marshall fire closer and closer to their home, they were frantically loading up their SUV with as many irreplaceable prized possessions as they could. While grabbing some special keepsakes, they, like thousands of others, didn't know if they'd even see their home again.

Sadly, they lost their home, and the only things they were able to save were packed away in their family SUV.

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The family, like many families displaced from the fires, are temporarily living out of a hotel. Tuesday morning, they walked out of their hotel in Westminster to find their SUV was stolen along with everything inside. In an interview with Denver 7 News, Father, Ryan Fazio said:

"We wouldn’t even care if they kept the car as long as they just drop the photos off somewhere, because that is literally her (his wife's) entire life. We had all the photos and could only fit two boxes and now they are gone."


As seen above, the vehicle they're looking for is a Red 2002 GMC Denali with the blue Columbine Colorado license plates BFCL99. Denver 7 also said that there is a "Proud Parent of a U.S. Army Soldier" sticker on the lower left bumper. T

The Fazio family would greatly appreciate any leads to get their precious belongings back so anything you can do to help would really make their day in clearly a very low point in their current situation. Reach out directly to the Westminster Police department with any Information.

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