It has been more than a decade since Colorado legalized marijuana. The immediate effects, as observed in other states at the time, was that a whole lot of people you knew in Ohio suddenly had plans to move to the Centennial State. When I made the move out here for work in 2016, the employer I left to come out here had actually hired me because a previous employee had literally moved out to Colorado for the legal marijuana. "Enjoy that legal weed," were his last words to me, literally the same words he'd had for the guy I'd replaced.

While I did feel bad for my former boss, he was right about one thing, and it was obvious to me immediately when I got here: marijuana was, indeed, quite popular in 2016 Colorado. However, according to news reports, 2023 Colorado may be seeing the Colorado/Mary Jane honeymoon period coming to an end.

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As it turns out, no matter how much smoke they put into it, the marijuana bubble seems to be "deflating," according to operators. In fact, wholesale prices have actually been falling for years, with analysts starting to worry about recession back in January 2021. Unfortunately, it looks like those initial fears were not unwarranted.

This is all according to a new report from Cannabis Business Times, along with the unfortunate news of dispensary closures throughout the state. Unfortunate, of course, because of the folks who now have to look for work outside of what was, previously, an exciting new field of endeavor; not so much about the lack of sticky-icky.

Now, I don't have a particularly deep knowledge of marijuana, but having known quite a few fans throughout my life, it never really seemed like something people would get tired of, like a fast food burger. I guess that just means every party has to stop, eventually. Hopefully, this won't have to get worse before it gets better.

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