A teenage boy has recently received a hefty charge of killing one of his classmates back in 2019.

A judge who presides over Arapahoe County sentenced an 18-year-old man to 30 years in prison after he allegedly killed one of his classmates earlier this year, according to the 18th Judicial District Attorney's Office located in Colorado.

The man facing the charges as well as the prison sentence is Edgar Hernandez-Flores, who is now at the age of 18 and was found guilty of killing 16-year-old  Jeremy Jamaal Rudolph in the Denver area in a parking lot. The parking lot was at the Sable Technological Center at 562 Sable Boulevard.

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The man that was accused of the crime eventually plead guilty back in May of 2021 to one count of second-degree murder and because of this, was acquitted of all other charges that were being held against him.

The two men allegedly knew each other from school as it has been put on record that they both went to Colorado Early College and knew each other because of their association at this school.

Surprisingly, it has been said that the two men were friends, but it has also been reported that during an altercation Hernandez-Flores was provoked and fired off a gun into a group in which Rudolph was hanging out at the time.

This proved to be a tragic and fatal altercation that unfortunately led to the death of Rudolph. However, despite 14 rounds being fired off by Hernandez-Flores, the only fatality that occurred from the altercation was that of Rudolph.

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