This is one of my favorite horses ever and that's saying something. His name is Wesley. He's a 12-year-old Colorado horse who is known for comically photobombing his owner and I have a new video to prove it.

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This fun moment was just shared out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Here's the backstory his owner just shared on Rumble:

Wesley is a 12-year-old horse that was rescued from a kill pen two years ago. At the kill pen, he was listed as unhandled and not able to be caught. Two years later this horse has developed the most comical personality. He has to be the center of attention and anytime he sees a camera, he assumes that he needs to be in the photo. He poses for selfies with his cheesy grin.

This horse is my spirit animal. Truly.

This is why I'm convinced there are no animals on Earth that have better personalities than horses. Wesley is proof that's accurate. If his owner ever wants a photo on her own, she best not venture close to his stable. For my money, I say let Wesley be the horse star he was born to be. Love it.

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