If you are in the market to buy a home in Colorado, you might want to be prepared for a bit of any and everything. One Colorado home listed on Realtor for $1.65 million has everything you could be prepared for.

When we say everything, we mean it. Self-sustainability, honing your sharpshooter skills,  indoor horticulture, and possibly nuclear fallout. This property in Trinidad covers all those items and more.

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The home located at 20000 Walking Stick road has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 4.312 square feet of living space, and is located on 147.9 acres of land. One of the key highlights of this property is the 10,800 square foot climate-controlled barn.

The Barn

This climate-controlled barn is currently set up for hydroponic growing with a total of 12 separate rooms, two garage doors, bathroom, hot water heater, fully insulated, equipped with a 5,000-gallon rainwater collection tank, and has 200 amp electrical service.

This Property is Ready for Anything

This includes nuclear fallout. Located on the property is a 2,200 square foot nuclear bunker that has battery-powered lights. A full-size shooting range is also located on the property that also has a 490 square foot trailer.

If you would like to learn more about this property located in Trinidad, Colorado listed for $1.6 million, you can see the full listing for the home HERE.

Source: Realtor

This $1.6 Million Colorado Home Has a Nuke Bunker, Shooting Range

This Colorado home is prepared for anything. Located on the property, you will find a full-size shooting range and a nuclear bunker.

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