A Colorado ghost town  has been put for sale on Craigslist for $350,000. The sale of the town of Cabin Creek might be the Craigslist bargain of the century!

What can you get for $350,000?

Well, in this case,  you get an old gas station, a cafe, a house, and an abandoned 8-room hotel. Of course, wouldn't the entire town be considered abandoned?

But, wait! There's more about this town to love!

  • 8-space RV park
  • private shooting range
  • mobile home
  • nearly 5 acres
  • indoor plumbing
  • all-paved highway to the property
  • just a 45-minute commute to Denver

Cabin Creek is located in Adams County, south of Denver near Byers.

According to Fox News, James Johnson owns the town, which was active as recently as the 1970s. Johnson had plans for the town but is now looking toward retirement in another state.

A couple once owned and ran the town and served the "best chicken fried steak in the state", but were murdered, and the town has sat vacant ever since. The current owner has had some issues with vandalism, which you wouldn't expect in a town with a population of zero.

While you could buy the town for $350,000,  you better allow a few thousand dollars to fix it up a little. Who knows what it might become? I wonder if it would  cease to be a ghost town at that point?