Partygoers typically "raise the roof", but apparently in Colorado, we break it all the way down. "It" being the floor.

According to a report from the South Metro Fire Department, an alarming 911 call dispatched rescue teams to the 20900 block of E. Princeton Pl. in Arapahoe County where the floor had collapsed during a party on Saturday, February 26, 2022.

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Crazy Colorado Party in Arapahoe County

In celebration of their grandson's 18th birthday, the homeowners at Princeton Place decided to host a party according to 9News.

Thanks to word of mouth and social media, the small party quickly grew to the hundreds.

The party was so large, that the house's floor structure couldn't take the weight and collapsed sending approximately 100-150 teens falling from the first floor, directly down into the basement.

Colorado Rescue Teams Respond to Princeton Place

A 911 caller reported that “people were dying” and hung up. Emergency response crews were surprised when they arrived at the scene and found about 100 juveniles standing outside the home.

Witnesses reported that there were 5 people trapped in the basement, but, after a thorough search, rescue teams determined there was no one trapped. Outside, however, was a different matter. Rescuers found three people injured who were then transported by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment.

Two of the individuals suffered minor injuries while only one suffered major injuries.

The Colorado After Party

Unfortunately, a natural gas leak sprung due to the collapse, but it was quickly handled.

Firefighters spent about two hours shoring the residence to prevent further collapse. Additionally, a natural gas leak occurred as a result of the collapse which was quickly handled to avoid an explosion or fire.

The American Red Cross was also called to assist the residents of the home since their home was no longer deemed safe for habitation.

A Building Department official confirmed that too many people (approximately 100-150) were occupying the space and their weight caused the floor to buckle.

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