Roller coasters at Elitch's can be a ton of exhilarating fun, but little kids aren't allowed on them. How about building a coaster for your kids in your backyard, instead?

It's hard to imagine how much fun this little guy is having on the roller coaster his Dad built for him in the backyard of their home in Brighton. I'm a sucker for little kids with glasses (since I've worn them since I was 5 years old), and West is sure to keep his glasses on as he reaches speeds of almost 3 miles an hour.

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Westword has the story on how West's Dad, who's a pilot for Southwest Airlines, went viral in 2017 with his first backyard coaster for West's older brother, Wyatt. I remember that video, it's really cute.

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It's definitely not wasted time when you're taking the time to build something that's going to bring so much joy to your kid. While the 2022 version of the backyard coaster looks similar to the one Wyatt rode, West's is fitted with a 'Southwest' logo, since his Dad works for Southwest.

According to Westword, the project isn't too terribly complicated (aside from welding,) and can cost $1,000 up to $3,000 depending on what equipment you might want to purchase. I'm sure I'd get started and realize I was in over my head and have to call in backup, for an additional $500.

Did your dad ever help you build a treehouse outback? What if you'd built a roller coaster? Which do you think would be more fun. Judging by West's face, he's taking the roller coaster.

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