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It's been 35 long years since convicted murderer Larry Long has been locked up, but he is now been released on parole. According to Times-Call, he was a teenager back in 1986 when he took the life of his mother, father, and brother in their Longmont, Colorado home.

Long was convicted of murdering all three of his family members and pleaded guilty to three counts of murder in the second degree. In December of 1986 Long was sentenced to three concurrent terms of 48 years in prison.

Long was eligible for Parole beginning back in 1999 and been denied many times over the years. Finally, he was granted parole by the Colorado Department of Corrections Parole Board.

For many years the Longmont Police Department objected to Long's parole release, and didn't issue a statement upon his parole being granted.

At the time of the murders, Larry Long was 18 years old. Police confirm he stabbed his father, mother, and brother after they asked him to leave his family's home because he dropped out of high school.

It was determined that the bodies were left for over 48 hours before being discovered. Larry Long took his parent's credit cards, vehicles, and candy after murdering his family members. The bodies were discovered after Larry's father Randy missed work at the Longmont FAA air traffic control facility.

He was arrested hours later at Loomiller Park.

He has done a lot of time for the crime he committed, only time will tell if he learned from his previous mistakes.

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