A recent study found Colorado in the bottom half of the US when it comes to safe driving. One Colorado city bucks the trend by having some of the safest drivers in the country.

That city is Fort Collins which, according to the Allstate 2015 Best Drivers Report, is one of the safest cities in the US for drivers. The report indicates drivers in Fort Collins are 21.1% less likely than the national average top get in an accident.

The report also shows Fort Collins held the honor of the US city where you were least likely to get in an accident in 2014.

Other Colorado Cities making the 2015 list include Colorado Springs (#16) and the Denver suburb, Lakewood (#24). Both of those cities were 8 to12 percent below the national average for automobile accidents.

Here are Allstate's Top 5 Cities with the Best Drivers for 2015

  1. Kansas City, Kansas
  2. Brownsville, Texas
  3. Boise, Idaho
  4. Fort Collins, Colorado
  5. Cape Coral, Florida

Colorado cities making the list for bad drivers include Denver, where you're 11.5 percent more likely to get in an accident than the national average, and Aurora, where you're 18.1 percent more likely to get in an accident.

While Colorado may not have a state full of good drivers, be glad you don't live Massachusetts. Worcester and Boston are so bad that you're 120.7 percent and 157.7 percent more likely than the national average to get in an accident.

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