It's was almost ironic, as the bull elk was caught up in some errant phone wire that was hanging too low, but couldn't make a call.

It's a situation that can remind any child of the 70s or 80s of getting the family's landline phone's 20-foot cord all wrapped up around you. I'm very sure the bull elk found no humor in his predicament.

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Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) tweeted out how the North East Region came to the rescue of this bull elk somewhere in Jefferson County that really got himself tangled up. CPW stated that someone called in the report of the stuck elk, and they got busy getting out there and undoing the job.

There he was: Stuck on the phone. Like Mom on the phone with Aunt Jan; nowhere to go, and no way to get out. I can actually hear my mom now, doing that snap of the fingers thing that moms do, getting me and my brother's attention while she gestures to the refrigerator for one of us to get her a fresh Dr. Pepper.

Twitter/Colorado Parks & Wildlife

When you look at the close-up view of the entanglement (after CPW officials had tranquilized the bull elk to help,) you can just picture how he must have kept tyring to spin his head around to free himself, but it only made it worse.

Twitter/Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Twitter had a few comments on how the phone wire was too low to begin with, which contributed to the problem, CPW assured all that authorities were on the scene to fix all that as soon as the bull elk was freed from the cable.

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