The box turtle that was hit by a car in Denver is making a slow but steady recovery thanks to the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center (NCWC).

Since the accident in June, the non-profit has been nursing the turtle back to health. Although it was severely injured, NCWC felt confident that it would survive from the beginning.

"He's doing great. He tried to burrow for the first time today," said Tallon Nightwalker, Director of NCWC, in our "Tuned In to NoCo" interview at the time. "He's on the right track, and it's pretty impressive after only about a week of getting slammed by a car that he's able to move around again."

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Now, the organization's confidence has grown stronger. In a Facebook post, NCWC revealed that the turtle's organs do not appear to be damaged — and that it is moving around even more.

"The turtle is only taking little steps at a time, but with these types of cases, any sign of improvement is cause to celebrate," read the post. "This patient is far from being out of the woods, but our team believes that we have built the best care plan possible and will continue to do everything we can to get this turtle a second chance at a healthy life in the wild!"

As it recovers, the turtle will continue to receive a "highly specialized formula" through a feeding tube.

While the non-profit is currently only rehabilitating reptiles and amphibians, they also assist with wildlife rescues. Recently, the organization helped rescue an overheated bat at an apartment complex in south Fort Collins.

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