Wine pairings have taught us that some wines go well with certain cheeses and other dishes, but book lovers will tell you that any wine will pair with a good book perfectly.

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Unfortunately, one establishment that proved to be a perfect example of this concept, a popular Colorado wine bar and bookstore by the name of BookBar, will be closing its doors for good in the coming months.

What is Colorado's BookBar?

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The BookBar is located at 4280 Tennyson Street, Denver, Colorado 80212:

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This particular neighborhood is known as the Berkeley neighborhood and is just east of Wheat Ridge and south of I-70 near Lakeside Amusement Park:

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Owner Nicole Sullivan first opened the BookBar nearly a decade ago back in 2013 as a place for book lovers and wine lovers alike to congregate and enjoy these common interests.

In addition to selling books and providing a place to drink wine while doing so, the BookBar became known for events like poetry readings, story times, and a place for book clubs to meet up.

However, after nearly 10 years of business, the BookBar will be closing within the next few months.

Why is Colorado's BookBar Closing?

Sullivan announced on Monday, September 26th, that the BookBar will be closing its doors for good on January 31st, 2021, citing multiple reasons.

One reason for the closure is the fatigue felt by Sullivan keeping the establishment open. In fact, Sullivan has stated that the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the store to close was actually relieving to her.

In addition, Sullivan says that she can no longer keep up with the rising costs of keeping the book store open, citing the upcoming minimum wage increase in Denver as well.

While Sullivan does plan to close BookBar on January 31st, she does plan to keep her other book store called The Bookies open at its location at 4315 E. Mississippi Avenue while also running her non-profit organization and publishing company.

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