Colorado has some of the cutest animals ever, just look at these pictures. Three bobcat kittens were spotted sunbathing and licking each other on a back porch.

Colorado is home to beautiful views, amazing people and adorable animals. On this episode of 'Colorado is Cute' (just kidding, but if you want to use that name for a real show, let us know) it's all about three bobcat kittens.

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These tiny little bobcat kittens were spotted on someone's back porch in Highlands Ranch, which is south of Denver. They seem completely at ease as they sunbathe and cuddle with each other. The Colorado kittens also take this relaxing time to clean each other too. You can see them lick each other while they soak up the sun.

According to Colorado Parks & Wildlife, the average litter size for bobcats is 2-3 kittens. Female bobcats will teach their kittens how to hunt and once the kittens have developed their hunting skills, they go off on their own.

You can tell bobcats apart from other animals, like a lynx, by looking at their coats and tails. Bobcats are spotted/striped with a tail that's black on the top and white on the bottom. Lynx are a gray/brown/red color (depending on the season) with a completely black tail. Lynx in Colorado are also released with radio collars, according to Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

I'm happy to see adorable animals like these bobcat kittens thriving in Colorado. Although their mama wasn't pictured here, I'm sure she was keeping watch somewhere close by.

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