When you live in the American West, your backyard can also become a playground for wildlife. A Colorado family proved that point yet again when they noticed there was a bobcat family that had taken over their kid's playset.

This happened in Castle Pines, Colorado a few days ago. Here's what the family said about their cute, furry (and potentially dangerous) visitors:

We live in Castle Pines, CO and have nearly seven acres of open space behind our house, and wildlife is common, but baby bobcats are pretty rare. I was working from home one morning and noticed two cats on our kids' playset, which I quickly realized were bobcats! Just before I grabbed my phone, one of the bobcats slid down the slide. I wish I would have been able to capture that part too! Mama was close by and I saw her with the babies about 20 minutes later.

Here kitty, kitty...

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Let me put on my Captain Obvious hat again and mention that these bobcats can potentially be vicious especially when it's a mom hanging out with her young kittens.

Sciencing mentioned that bobcats are generally very shy and avoid people. Odds are if you open your back door, they'll bolt back into the woods. Would I be willing to open my back door and test that theory by trying to shoo the cats away? Nope.

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