If you like your adult beverages in Colorado, but hate the hangover, we're with ya. Luckily one Colorado city was just ranked in the Top 20 in the nation for best hangover cure cities.

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What Colorado City Is Best For Hangover Cures?

We have plenty of reasons to "blame it on the alcohol" around Colorado. Between all of the events and sports around the state, plus all of the great breweries, bars, and clubs, the drinks be flowing nicely across the centennial state. All of those places though, create many opportunities for the worst part about drinking... The hangover. Interestingly enough, I was just having a conversation this morning after having some drinks last night. I just hate feeling like junk the next day. Fortunately for me, and the rest of us, one Colorado city was just named the best place to cure a hangover in the state, as well as the 18th-best city in the entire U.S.

How Do You Cure A Hangover?

According to this new study from Lawn Love, if you're looking to cure a hangover, you need a place with plenty of access to the following.

  • Great hangover food
  • Great hangover drinks
  • Great hangover remedy options like IV bars
  • Options to get home to sleep
  • Places to sleep it off in public (Don't recommend that LOL)

After taking all of the above into consideration, they named Denver, Colorado as the 18th best city in the country for hangover cures. The only other Colorado city in the Top 99 was Fort Collins at number 76. The worst city in America for hangover cures? Montgomery, Alabama. The best? San Fransico, California. Miami and New York City rounded out the top three.

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