We have an unhealthy obsession with the Mayor of FlavorTown, you know this. But, we're not the only ones (lookin' at you, Rocky Mountain Vibes).


Who are the Rocky Mountain Vibes? They are a Minor League Baseball team in Colorado Springs that came to life back in November of 2018. Vibes General Manager Chris Phillips told milb.com, 'We came to the realization that we didn't want to be a thing, didn't want to be an animal.' So the Vibes' logo is a s'more... or at least that's what some believe. But, is it really a s'more?

Big thanks to Barstool Sports for bringing this to light: Is this gangster little s'more guy Guy Fieri? They think so, and it's hard to argue. Even the Minor League Baseball association has its speculations.

'I mean this flaming s'more is Guy Fieri. I’ve never been more sure of it. The hair, the glasses, the peace sign. I’m sure Guy has an above average lawyer and you can bet your sweet ass that he’s gonna sue because that logo literally is him. -Barstool Sports

In fact, their whole write up is hilarious and you should probably go read it in its entirety here.

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