In 2006, Greeley firefighters found a baby inside of a tackle box outside of their fire station. That baby is Tyler Dodd. Tyler is now 12 years old and grew up to be one cool kid with big dreams.

Colorado's Safe Haven law states that parents can leave newborns (up to 72 hours old) at fire stations or hospitals, no questions asked. Tyler still had his umbilical cord attached when he was found at the fire station.

Tyler's mom, Christy, wants his biological parents to know that he's amazing and she's thankful to them for giving her Tyler. Christy was looking into being a foster mom around the time they found him. She ended up adopted Tyler after a year of fostering him.

Tyler Dodd has grown up to be one cool kid, he loves fishing, camping, and all things outdoors. He plans to pay it forward and wants to help adopted kids, kids in foster care, kids who grew up not knowing who their real parents are, he wants to make their lives better.

And now I have what I want to say is a better life, is way better than I think what I could have had.

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