The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde paid a visit to the 'Colbert Report' this week, performing the lead single from her forthcoming first-ever solo project. Watch her rock out in the video above.

Early in the interview, host Stephen Colbert noted the musical history of Hynde's hometown of Akron, Ohio, which also spawned the Black Keys and Devo. "What is it about Akron that makes people rock so hard?" Colbert asks. (Apparently he forgot to mention that it's also where Ultimate Classic Rock's headquarters are located.)

After Hynde notes that Akron was the rubber capital of the world, Colbert asks if it was "the fumes that got to you?" Hynde shares a laugh with Colbert, before mentioning another industry Akron was known for: "We also had the Quaker Oats silos there, so you had the best of both [worlds]." "You must be very regular," Colbert then quips, prompting Hynde to retort, "Are you trying to flirt with me?"

Hynde's solo debut 'Stockholm' is set for release on Tuesday, June 10. She performed 'Dark Sunglasses' on air, and 'House of Cards' as a web-only exclusive.

Asked by Colbert why she has calls London home now, as opposed to remaining in the U.S., Hynde said, "I've got my band there and I go where the music is. I'm sort of 'have band will travel,' and that is where they live. I'm a citizen of the world; I'm a hippie, man."

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