During the summer I look for any way to cool down and this is the absolute chillest. Chill out at these Colorado cabins and they'll be sure to cool you down.

Any of these super cool cabins here in Colorado would be the perfect place to have a getaway, from work and from the heat too.

This six bedroom/four bathroom cabin is in Blue River, which is very close to Breckenridge. I absolutely love the layers of decks and could see myself enjoying some very cool views and some very good wine.

I'm honestly not sure why this called the 'Potato Patch' villa but I'm hoping/guessing there are some potatoes around. This villa is in Vail and there's a bar, air conditioning, stone walls and granite counter tops to cool you down.

The Rustic Ranch is in Dillion at Keystone Ranch. The Keystone Ski Resort in only a ten minute drive. The pool, lake, golf course and tennis courts are only a few steps away from your getaway. That sounds pretty chill to me.

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