Timothy B. Schmit's uplifting new song takes a rootsy turn -- quite literally. "Red Dirt Road," which you can listen to above, claims the fertile ground of Kaua'i in the Hawaiian Islands as its inspiration.

"There's some rich, deep soil there," the former Eagles bassist told Rolling Stone. "You have a good chance of growing a plumeria tree by just sticking a branch of a plumeria into the ground. It's unbelievable. That was the motivation. It's a song about trying to enjoy your life. You can go about your daily business and see it from sunup to sundown – and see it in the best light possible too – and then just enjoy yourself."

"Red Dirt Road" advances Leap of Faith, Schmit's first album since 2009's Expando – and his initial foray back into music after the Eagles officially called it quits following the sudden death of Glenn Frey in January. Schmit recorded "Red Dirt Road" at his picturesque home studio near the Santa Monica Mountains, and shared production duties on Leap of Faith with Hank Linderman.

"I grew up in studios — 'proper' recording studios — that never had any windows," Schmit said. "I always wondered about that. I understand the thing about creating perfect sonics, but nobody listening to the album in their living room or car has the perfect space. My wife and I built the studio together, and the vibe there simply feels like going over to somebody's house and hanging out and doing music. It overlooks a meadow. It's beautiful."

Guest artist and friend Van Dyke Parks added accordion to "Red Dirt Road," one of 11 new songs on Leap of Faith, which is due Sept. 23.

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