Colorado is no stranger to celebrities in the state. Over the years, plenty of famous actors and actresses have called the Centennial State home at one time or another.

Names like Roseann Bar, Tim Allen, Elvira, and many others are all included in the photo gallery below of 60 famous actors who once called Colorado home.

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Who is the Most Famous Actor or Actress to Live in Colorado?

A case could be made for several people if we are trying to pick the most famous. Would it be Roseann Bar? Maybe Tim Allen? Everyone of a certain age knows Elvira. It's a hard selection. Scroll through the names below and see if the choice becomes easier.

Many of Colorado's Famous Actors Came From the Same City

Many of our state's famous actors called Denver, Colorado home at one time or another. Boulder comes in second, with Aurora coming in 3rd. Other cities include Durango, Confier, and Fort Collins.

See All 60 Celebrities Who Have Called Colorado Home

Check out the list of Colorado Hollywood VIPs below. Find out which city they called home, and what their most famous role was on the big screen.

Actors Who Once Called Colorado Their Home

They may not all have been born in Colorado, but these celebs have all called the Centennial State home at one time or another. Scroll on to find out which actors have lived in Colorado.

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