If you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur, you might think about honing your skills with this new Colorado program.

According to a press release from Green Flower, there are 3 new cannabis certificate programs now being offered by the University of Denver's Center for Professional Development.

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"The Center for Professional Development welcomes students to the vibrant University of Denver community to professionally prepare to make an impact in an industry in which Colorado is a leader," said Renae Jacob, executive director of the Center for Professional Development at the University of Denver.

New Cannabis Certificate Programs in Colorado

These are the 3 Cannabis programs being offered currently:

  • The Business of Cannabis
  • Cannabis Healthcare and Medicine
  • Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture

The 3 new Cannabis programs will be offered online and each certificate includes three eight-week online courses that participants can complete in approximately six months.

However, each certification begins with "Cannabis 101" so if you decided to enter more than one program you won't have to complete that course again. That means any other cannabis programs you take can be completed in 16 weeks rather than 24 weeks.

The University of Denver's Center for Professional Development

If you've never heard of a center for professional development, you may be wondering what kind of accreditation comes with attending classes.

Typically professional development centers focus on providing education in developing new skills and refreshing other skills for career advancement.

In certain professions, workers are required to participate in, "professional development programs for a certain number of hours every year in order to keep their certificates, or licenses to practice, current."

"The cannabis industry is constantly and quickly evolving, and we are thrilled to provide quality, relevant training for those who want solid careers in the industry or to become better informed about the field in general," stated Jacob.

"We will also be integrating curriculum on social equity in the industry to educate students about the impact cannabis legalization has on communities and people of color."

A Career in Colorado Cannabis

It's only natural that Colorado is one of the first states to offer a program in cannabis education. I mean, the state made history and basically schooled the entire U.S. on the perks of marijuana, so it definitely makes sense.

Now that careers in cannabis are becoming legal across the nation, there's a growing need for a skilled workforce. Experts are projecting that cannabis jobs will grow by 250 percent by 2028!

"Seeing as Colorado was the very first state to boldly legalize cannabis for all adults, it feels particularly powerful that the most respected and highly ranked university in the state is now on-board to help develop the industry by training the next generation of cannabis professionals," said Max Simon, CEO of Green Flower.

Make a career out of what you love and take advantage of the industry before everyone else does.

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