Antivirus software kingpin McAfee has released its annual Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrities list, and the results include a bit of bad news for those who enjoy performing internet searches for Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi.

Both veteran rockers made the list's Top 10, a fairly eclectic assemblage that also includes pop stars like Christina Aguilera and television personalities Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Kimmel (the latter of whom holds the dubious distinction of being 2014's Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity, topping the list thanks to search results that hold a 19.38 percent risk of incurring a virus).

What would inspire someone to tie computer viruses to steel horses and glory days? "Most consumers are completely unaware of the security risks that exist when searching for celebrity and entertainment news, images and videos online, sacrificing safety for immediacy," explained McAfee spokesperson Gary Davis. "Cybercriminals capitalize on consumers' attention to breaking celebrity news and leverage this behavior to lead them to unsafe sites that can severely infect their computers and devices and steal personal data."

So be careful out there, rock fans, and check out McAfee's Top 10 Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrities of 2014 below.

1. Jimmy Kimmel -- 19.38% chance of downloading a virus
2. Armin van Buuren -- 19.33%
3. Ciara -- 19.31%
4. Flo Rida -- 18.89%
5. Bruce Springsteen -- 18.82%
6. Blake Shelton -- 18.47%
7. Britney Spears -- 18.19%
8. Jon Bon Jovi -- 17.64%
9. Chelsea Handler -- 17.22%
10. Christina Aguilera -- 16.67%

You Think You Know Bon Jovi?