Some more details have come out concerning the police-involved shooting in Grand Junction. One eyewitness tells his side.

The victim, who has yet to be identified, has a brother who has spoken out about the shooting and other details related to the incident.

The brother believes that the Grand Junction Police Department used excessive force. He was there and witnessed what happened prior to the police arriving. The brother was quoted as saying that the victim's wife came outside and told him that he had locked himself in the house, with their children, refusing to let her in. The brother then left the scene. He arrived later when the police had been called. Here's how he described the scene,

'One of the officers went out there and got a battering ram and hit the door life four or five times. That’s when I hear four shots consecutively, it was just a point and fire four shots one right after another. To me when I heard it, I knew that was a kill shot.

He (the police officer) said my brother had knifes to the kids throats. Well if the officer shot at him, with the kids in there, didn't he think he could have killed one of the kids too? So I believe that my brother was giving up and that's when he shot them.'

The police say the officer involved has been placed administrate leave. KKCO News has more details on this story.

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