Just a word of caution – telling a police officer that John Elway is your boss will not prevent you from being arrested.

According to a news report from Fox 31 KDVR in Denver, Broncos practice squad player John Boyett was arrested Tuesday night in Denver and charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of misdemeanor theft.

Police reportedly said that before his arrest, Boyett had been drinking at the Sports Book Bar & Grill. A bartender and patrons told police Boyett was highly intoxicated and making threats.

Responding officers and Arapahoe County Sheriff's deputies confronted Boyett and took him into custody. Arresting officers reportedly stated that Boyett was more than a little unruly during the arrest. KDVR quoted court records in the case, stating that while intoxicated, Boyett did the following:

  • headbutted and punched a cab driver
  • stole a shovel from a construction site
  • tried to hide from officers by covering himself in mulch
  • rammed his head into a patrol car window
  • and told his arresting officers to “contact my boss, John Elway.”

Elway apparently got the message. The Denver Broncos confirmed on Thursday that the team had cut ties with Boyett. Broncos officials told The Denver Post they were "disappointed" to learn of Boyett's arrest and behavior.

Think that Boyett may have learned his lesson? Guess again.

News reports indicate this isn’t the first time Boyett used his status as a professional football player to get out of trouble.

When he was with the Indianapolis Colts, Boyett was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication and resisting law enforcement. Boyett reportedly told the arresting officer, “You can’t arrest me – I’m a Colts player.”

The Colts cut Boyett from the team a day after his arrest.

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