Former Grand Junction High School quarterback Bill Musgrave could be the next offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos.

According to the Denver Post, Musgrave was to have an interview with the Broncos on Thursday, as well as former Denver assistant coach Mike McCoy.

As a player, Musgrave played for four NFL teams including Dallas, San Francisco, Denver, and Indianapolis. Musgrave signed with the Broncos in 1995 and served as a backup to John Elway until his retirement in 1997.

Since his playing days ended in 1991, Musgrave has seen his resume filled with coaching jobs with Oakland, Philadelphia, Carolina, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Washington, and Minnesota. Musgrave's coaching experience has largely been either as a quarterback coach or an offensive coordinator, which is the position the Broncos are trying to fill.

In 1985, Musgrave was a Denver Post Gold Helmet when he played quarterback for the Grand Junction Tigers. That year, he was named the Colorado High School Athlete of the Year, after throwing 30 touchdown passes.

The Broncos need someone that can give the stagnant Broncos' offense a shot in the arm, make it more productive and explosive, and less predictable. Is Musgrave the guy? This past season, under Musgrave's leadership as offensive coordinator, the Raiders were 6th in the NFL in total yards, 6th in rushing, and 7th in scoring.

Expect Broncos' new head coach Vance Joseph to make his decision pretty quickly.


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