Jennifer Bell was nervous about sending her 10-year-old son off to 6th grade camp, but knew that it would be a great experience for him and that he would have a good time.

Like most moms, this California woman was hoping that her son, Bradley, would send a letter home from this class camp trip letting her know how things were going. And boy did he! His letter was so great that Jennifer took a photo and posted it to Facebook for everyone to enjoy.

Bradley's letter started out simple enough, talking about how much fun camp is, how he's enjoying the food, and the rock climbing wall that they'd been using, but then it took a weird turn... Check out Bradley's note to see what we mean.

Jennifer Bell via Facebook
Jennifer Bell via Facebook

No context, no explanation, just "I had an expirience [sic] that will scar me forever." That is NOT what a mom wants to hear! Scar him in a good way, or a bad way?!? This is no way helps your mother's anxiety over you being gone, Bradley.

Jennifer says she has no idea what Bradley is referring to saying, "All I really know is what he vaguely shared in the letter."

She said that Bradley took three stamped envelopes with him (camp is only four days long, for reference) so maybe she'll get more of an explanation in a future letter.

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