For as uneventful as ABC's celebrity dancing competition, 'Dancing with the Stars,' can be, we simply cannot ignore when original 'Star Wars' actor Billy Dee Williams pays tribute to the iconic movie universe with a cha-cha routine.

Williams, who portrayed Lando Calrissian in the original 'Star Wars' films, was joined by his dance partner Emma, as well as R2-D2, Stormtroopers and some excited Ewoks planted in the audience. Bill Nye originally held the title -- in our eyes, at least -- for the most entertaining geek-fest performance, but this definitely takes the cake.

The best part about Williams' routine, however, was the fact that he, frankly, didn't really do much. If you watch the footage, his professional dancing partner is doing all the dramatic twists and turns, while the actor is mostly smiling and, when he has his own standalone moments, doesn't quite nail the footing. The judges even called him out for it. "You're definitely one of the most relaxed dancers I've ever seen ..." was pretty much the highest compliment he received.

Also, the entire time we were pretty much envisioning this in our heads:

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