We’re halfway through 2019, so there’s no better time to take a step back and acknowledge all the gifts the Peak TV gods hath wrought. Oh, there are so many of them.

The great thing about so much television content is that there truly is something for everyone. The bad thing: There’s so much it can be so overwhelming that you might find yourself throwing your chosen viewing device across the room and instead picking up a — gasp! — book. Just kidding, reading is awesome and you should definitely be doing it. But if you are having trouble weeding the bad TV from the good TV from the very good TV, here are 10 scripted television shows that have premiered since January that stand out from the crowd.

Also Consider: Barry (HBO), Good Trouble (Freeform), Jane the Virgin (The CW) What We Do In the Shadows (FX), Veep (HBO)

Gallery — The Best TV Shows of 2018:

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