If you're anything like me you have been loving the sunshine we have been experiencing lately in the Grand Valley. While the temperatures haven't warmed up as much as I would have liked the sunshine is enough to put a big smile on my face.

As we put the colder weather behind us and move to more Spring-like temperatures it has me thinking about landscaping and making sure our home is looking nice. While I don't have much of a green thumb I do enjoy seeing our home look nice with a few flowers or something to make it look nice.

It seems like every year Savannah and I have the same conversation about how much she loves having nice hanging baskets, and while I agree it's amazing how expensive those hanging baskets can get especially when you're buying multiples.

So, the search is on for the best looking and most reasonably prices hanging baskets are in the Grand Valley. Since this is still our first Spring since moving to Colorado I went to Yelp! to see the top places to buy flowers and here is what I came up with.

  1. Chelsea Nursery - 3347 G Road, Stacey, and Tony do a great job of not only helping you find amazing looking flowers but will teach you about how to take care of them so they last.
  2. Bookcliff Gardens - 755 26th Road, Dennis has a huge variety of plants and flowers to choose from and will gladly share his gardening knowledge with you.
  3. Valley Grown Nursery - 680 24 1/2 Road, The selection of plants and flowers here is gigantic, although some people online say the prices are a little higher.
  4. Mt. Garfield Greenhouse & Nursery - Not the biggest selection but the prices are similar to the big box stores and you're still supporting local.
  5. Lowe's & Home Depot - We have bought lots of flowers and plants from the big box stores and there is nothing wrong with them. Just make sure you arrive on a day when they get new stuff in, it can often get picked over by other customers.

Where is your favorite place to buy plants and flowers to decorate your home and garden?

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