Visiting Denver, Colorado soon? You have to stop by and try this amazing ice cream served from a very unique shop.

Recently I had the opportunity to explore the Denver Highlands neighborhood, which offers some of the most amazing dining experiences and I stumbled upon a 28-foot tall milk can that serves the absolute best ice cream around!

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Visiting the Denver Highlands Neighborhood

There are tons of places to explore here in Colorado and while visiting Denver, I journeyed over to the Highland neighborhood.

This neighborhood is pretty amazing and is conveniently located near downtown Denver. You'll find dozens of cool shops and restaurants all within walking distance.

The Highland neighborhood is also home to the Linger restaurant which previously was a mortuary known for housing Buffalo Bill's remains. I've yet to visit but believe me, it's on my list.

The Best Ice Cream in Denver, Colorado

Word on the street is that the best ice cream in Denver is at the Little Man Ice Cream shop which is actually a 28-foot tall milk can. Believe me, this place is not hard to miss.

My visit took place in winter, which by the way is the best time to eat ice cream, and I discovered a line of people waiting that went all the way down the street.

While some people may have quickly turned away, I took that as a positive sign that the hype matched the flavor.

The History of Little Man Ice Cream in Denver, Colorado

As it turns out the hype matches the taste! The ice cream was fantastic and I was super happy. Little Man Ice Cream opened its doors on July 4th, 2008, and has been serving incredible homemade ice cream ever since.

Don't let the long line scare you, their service is speedy and the ice cream is definitely worth it.


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