One of the best memories I have of high school is supporting the sports teams because it was then that school spirit was really on display. But we didn't have mascots. Mascots are cool, and in Grand Junction, we have excellent schools, with awesome spirit and very cool mascots.

So, let's see who's mascot is the best. Once the votes are tabulated, we will post the results and show off the coolest mascot around!

Tony is a HUGE supporter of Grand Junction High School and says if you don't vote for HIM, won't be grrr-eat.

Waldo the Wildcat looks ferocious! Just like the Fruita-Monument Wildcats! A vote for Waldo is a wise vote indeed!

Grand Junction Central High School Warrior

Students play the part of the Warrior at Central. Look out when THEY get on the warpath!

Anytime there's a panther roaming about, be on your guard. These guys mean business!

Never an easy trip into Montrose to face the Indians. You may not wanna mess around with 'em.

Spike the Bulldog will make you think twice about giving this crew a hard time.

Let the votes begin!

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