I went through a lot of Instagrams and these were some of the best upcoming fall photos that I have seen. Getting into the spirit of the weather changing and all the colors changing with it is easy since they are all absolutely beautiful!

Trees with autumn foliage, Kancamagus Highway
De Agostini/Getty Images

1. Looking Outside the Tent

This is a really nicely taken photo. You can see all the different colors of Colorado fall coming in and making its way quickly. It's such a great time to go camping and this person has the right idea.


2. Staying Warm While the Weather gets Cooler!

Coffee is a necessity to the fall and staying warm. The Colorado weather gets cool quick, and thank goodness we have a great way to stay warm!


3. Apple Picking Starting

The apple trees are ready! Getting a head start for the beginning of Fall is always a nice way to start the season. You could easily make a really nice pie with these fresh off the tree apples.


4. Aspen Trees

The trees are changing colors and the most beautiful of them all are... the Aspen trees! Thank goodness they are all over Colorado because they make the start to the fall gorgeous.


5. Building a Fort to Stay During the Color Change?

This is an awesome post! How great to see the color change from green to yellow. Since it's almost time everything is getting ready to show its best colors.


6. Seeing the Wild Animals

This is really cool to see all of the animals around since it's now getting cooler. It's awesome to watch all the animals around, especially now that it is beautiful outside as well.


6. Take Your Dog for a Walk!

This is so cute! Who doesn't want to go hike in the beautiful weather and scenery with their dog? What a way to spend your time going on the amazing trails all around Colorado.




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