The best colleges in all of Colorado, are right here. The colleges are ranked basked on academics, admission, financial and student life data, according to Niche.

There are a lot of different factors that go into determining the best colleges in Colorado. According to Niche, these are some of the factors that go into the ranking.

  • Academics, value, professors, student life, campus quality, and safety.

Here are the best of the best of Colorado colleges in 2018.

  • 1

    Colorado School of Mines


    The Colorado School of Mines is Colorado's best college in 2018. Their acceptance rate is 40%.

  • 2

    Colorado College

    Colorado Springs

    The net price for this college is $23,812 per year. Colorado College in Colorado Springs has a 10:1 student faculty radio.

  • 3

    Colorado State University

    Fort Collins
  • 4

    University of Colorado Boulder


    The University of Colorado Boulder is fourth on this list, but first on another. They're the #1 party school in all of Colorado. Looks like they're pretty well rounded.

  • 5

    University of Denver


    This university has a 53% acceptance rate. The University of Denver is also on the 'Top Party Colleges' list, and they're third. I'm starting to see a trend here.

  • 6

    University of Colorado Denver


    The net price per year for the University of Colorado Denver is $13,751. According to a review, this university surpassed their expectations.

  • 7

    Regis University


    Regis University in Denver comes in as seventh on the best colleges list. This university has an acceptance rate of 57%.

  • 8

    Colorado Christian University


    Colorado Christian University is a Catholic university. They've made this list and the party colleges list too. They're the #6 best party school in Colorado.

  • 9

    University of Northern Colorado


    University of Northern Colorado is not only a great place to get your degree, apparently it's a great place to figure out who you are. According to a review, they 'enjoyed the four years I spent being able to truly discover who I am.'

  • 10

    Western State Colorado University


    I'm happy to see a Western Colorado school on this list. Western State Colorado University is described as 'Colorado's best kept secret' according to a review.

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