It's not the real thing, but it's got to be the next best thing.

Two tribute bands representing two of the biggest bands in history will converge on the Avalon Theatre stage on January 10 for "Beatles vs Stones: A Musical Showdown." The show is being touted as a "high-energy, adrenaline-pumping musical showdown."

These bands recently wrapped up a two-month residence in Las Vegas and have toured extensively in 2018, continuing into 2019.

The Beatles are represented by the tribute band Abbey Road. The band is headquartered in southern California and travels the country replicating the great music of the Fab Four. The  music of the Beatles has transcended generations for six decades and it is showing no signs of dying it out any time soon.

Abbey Road describes their presentation as "flawless note for note renditions of Beatles hits, custom–tailored costumes, vintage instruments, Liverpudlian dialect and precise attention to every detail."

If any band in the history has come close to matching the popularity of the Beatles it unquestionably is the Rolling Stones, who have recorded no less than 25 studio albums- 15 , of which, came after the Beatles officially disbanded in 1970.

Satisfaction is a Rolling Stone tribute band touted as "the most authentic cast and production show available honoring the world's greatest rock and roll band." One listen to the video below and you may be convinced the Stones have been re-incarnated.

Considering the fact that the Beatles' last public live performance was in 1969,  very few people can say they have seen the Beatles live in concert. For fans of the Rolling Stones, the story is dramatically different considering the band has continued to tour into the 21st century. There certainly have been numerous opportunities to see them perform live.

To have all this great music on one stage on one night in Grand Junction sounds like one phenomenal experience for anyone who has grown up to the soundtrack of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Tickets are on sale now.

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