A bear found the way into a storm drain in Colorado Springs, no one is sure how, but what they did know is the bear couldn't figure out how to back out get out.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officials say the bear was likely attracted to some branches with berries on them that had been placed in an unsecured trash can in the area.

Employees from Colorado Springs Utilities came to the rescue by removing a manhole cover so the bear could get out. once out, of the storm drain, a CPW officer hazed the bear with some rubber bullets.

This story has a happy ending. The bear wasn't injured, wasn't handled so it didn't need to be tagged, and best of all, the bear didn't have to be killed because it was a danger to humans.


Thanks CPW and CS Utilities for saving the bear, documenting how well you handled the situation, and allowing the event to be shared with others.

Additional Source: Denver Post

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