This may seem like a joke, but if a bear walks into a high school, what classes does he attend?

A bear wandering the parking lot at Bozeman High School in Montana decided what's good for humans must be good for bears, so he walked into the school.

The bear made its way into the school around 7:30 a.m. before classes began, although there were a group of student from the booster club meeting at the time.

You can assume with the lack of activity and the absence of food, this bear decided that unlike his cartoon counterpart, Yogi Bear, he had no use for being smarter than the average bear.

Perhaps, If he would have stuck around until lunch time, he might have the opportunity to fill a picnic basket full of delicious food from the school's cafeteria.

After leaving the school, the bear left a reminder of his visit on the school's lawn. Maybe the bear wasn't at the school to attend class, perhaps he just needed directions to the restroom.

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