You don't need to travel far for a vacation. These three staycations are right here in Grand Junction and include a movie room, a waterfall, and even a beach house.

I haven't had a vacation since the holidays and I think it's for my well-being (and everyone else's) that I go on vacation soon. These vacations are right in our backyard and really should be called staycations.

One of these staycation destinations has a private pond while another has a room completely dedicated to watching movies. The best part is, they're all in Grand Junction.

This staycation destination is called 'The Lake House' and has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a movie room, Pac-Man and more. There a swinging loveseat, massage chairs and spacious bathtubs to relax in. There's also a bedroom covered in red velvet, complete with a mirrored ceiling, circle shaped bed on an en elevated stage and it's called "back stage."

The Deer View Cottage has a patio that looks perfect for soaking up the sun and grilling and chilling. This staycation destination has 2 bedrooms, one of which is a super cute loft, accessible only by ladder and great for naps. The Deer View Cottage also has a private pond with a rock waterfall. This place got its name because deer and ducks like to come by and hang out.

I think everyone gets to a point where they need a vacation. which is what your staycation at this beach house if for. It's a beach house to rid you of the beachiness in you. This 1902 Victorian cottage is completely beach themed and seems so calming. There are octopuses, anchors and other beachy things throughout the house. Everything is blue in this house, including the outside.

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