Meet Babs Bunny the four-month-old rescue puppy in Grand Junction that needs someone to adopt her.

Babs Bunny the puppy was rescued from Underdog Rescue in Moab, which rescues puppies from Native American reservations in the area. Babs Bunny the puppy has been at this animal shelter in Grand Junction for the last three weeks and it's time for her to move - into your place.

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Here's more about Babs Bunny the puppy's story and why you should adopt this Grand Junction puppy, who's our Pet of the Month, today.

Babs the Grand Junction Rescue Puppy Needs Someone to Adopt Her

Meet four-month-old Babs Bunny the Grand Junction puppy. Here's what you should know about Babs the Grand Junction rescue puppy and why you should adopt her.

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