A lawyer for longtime B.B. King manager LaVerne Toney is calling explosive allegations that she poisoned the late blues legend "baseless and unfounded."

This official press statement comes days after two of King's daughters filed identical complaints against Toney, as well as personal assistant Myron Johnson, stating their belief that King was murdered. He died on May 14 at age 89 after waging a lengthy battle with Type 2 diabetes.

“Unfortunately, even musical icons die," attorney Brent Bryson says in the statement. "Ms. Toney did everything she could to carry out the wishes of Mr. King while he was alive, and continues to carry out Mr. King’s wishes after his death. I hope over these next few days we can focus on Mr. King’s musical gifts to the world, and not fictional statements made by those seeking attention at the expense of Mr. King.”

Memorial events were held last week in Las Vegas, where King lived in his final years, and this week in Memphis, where he first rose to fame.

Meanwhile, police are investigating claims made by Patty King and her sister Karen Williams, though a coroner involved with the case has already confirmed that no immediate signs of foul play were found. A complete autopsy report will take weeks.

Bryson adds that King was under 24-hour care during his last illness, and overseen by certified nursing assistants and evaluated by registered nurses. Medical opinions from three doctors are also included in Bryson's statement. They're quoted as saying that no action was taken "to hasten the demise of Mr. King" and they saw "no evidence of inappropriate medications."

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