On this day in rock history, the Beatles began the most important period in their development. They played their first show of their initial Hamburg residency at the Indra Club on Aug. 17, 1960.

The group have said over the years that the time they spent in Hamburg, which involved three stints between 1960 and mid-1962, is responsible for changing them from an ordinary band of teenagers into a tight, tough rock band. Along the way they discovered pills, became a quartet when Stu Sutcliffe dropped out and, perhaps most importantly for their image, began to sport what would become known worldwide as the "Beatles haircut."

In 1970, the Band put out their third album, Stage Fright. The songs reflected that the success of their previous two records was taking its toll on the group. This was most evidenced by the Rick Danko-sung title track, which was inspired by writer/guitarist Robbie Robertson's experiences with the condition when the Band began to perform live on their own.

W.A.S.P. set themselves apart from the other Los Angeles metal bands with their 1984 debut. The record caused controversy before its release when one of its songs, "Animal (F--- Like a Beast)" appeared on the nascent Parents Music Resource Center's list of the "Filthy 15." The track was removed, but the publicity was enough to drive rebellious kids to the stores in droves to buy the album.

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The Beatles play their first Hamburg show (1960)

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