• Do not use cotton swabs, have your ears cleaned by a professional.
  • Hearing aids should be cleaned & checked every 6 months.
  • If you have hearing aids, you should have your hearing checked yearly to determine if the hearing loss has changed.
  • Hearing aids do not restore hearing, they are an aid for hearing.
  • Today's technology contains computer chips as compared to analog circuits and the hearing aids are making millions of calculations per second.
  • Questions To Ask The Audiology & Hearing Aids Expert:

    How much do hearing aids cost?
    Prices vary based on technology, two hearing aids can start as low as $2,000 a pair and go as high as $7,000 a pair.

    Do I need to wear 1hearing aid or 2?
    Its based on the hearing test, 90% of people need 2.

    Do hearing aids have a trial period?
    The State of Colorado allows consumers a 30 day satisfaction period with return privilege.

    How long do hearing aids last?
    Most of todays hearing aids can be reprogrammed so that if the patients hearing loss changes, the hearing aids can be reprogrammed rather than replaced. However, this is limited to the amount of reserve volume in the hearing aids. Benchmark time frame is 3 to 5 years but this is subjective based on the patient's attention to maintenance and care.

    Do hearing aids come with a warranty?
    Most manufacturer's include coverage for repair, wear & tear, and loss & damage protection. Each manufacturer warranties vary.