Since Charlize Theron’s Lorraine Broughton arrived last summer, bruised and kicking her way through men on staircases, we’ve all been itching for more Atomic Blonde. The David Leitch film may have been the most confusing mess of Russian spy nonsense (what, exactly, was the plot?), but who cares; it was all about the phenomenal action sequences and how committed Theron was to making each bone-crack and punch believable. And now we’re officially getting a second dose.

Theron and Leitch have talked about their hopes for a sequel in the past, but today brings the first confirmation that Atomic Blonde 2 is actually happening. During a long chat with Indiewire‘s Anne Thompson at the San Francisco Film Festival on Tuesday, where the actress-producer was honored in a special tribute, Theron confirmed the news saying, “We’re working on it.”

She didn’t let any other details out, but last fall, Leitch and his stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave spoke to Bustle about their ideas for the second installment. Leitch said they’d ideally want to bring Lorraine into the ‘90s for a sequel. The first film was set in the late ‘80s and had every iconic needle drop from the era you could imagine (some too on-the-nose, in my opinion). But a ‘90s-set spy thriller? Oh heck yeah; I can already see Lorraine dodging bad guys to some Nine Inch Nails and No Doubt.

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