Over the years there have been many famous athletes who called Colorado home.

Long List of Professional Athletes From Colorado

Whether they were born in Colorado or lived in Colorado - or are still living in Colorado , the list of professional athletes from the centennial state is long.  As you scroll through the photos below, you will find many familiar names and faces as well as a few that may not ring a bell.

As you might expect, the Denver metro area and Colorado Springs have produced a ton of famous athletes including New York Yankees pitching legend Goose Gossage, auto racing superstar Bobby Unser, and Olympic gold medal swimmer Amy Van Dyken.

Small Towns Produce Big-Time Athletes

But, let's hear it for some of Colorado's small towns like Wiggins, which produced Denver Broncos offensive lineman Dalton Reisner, and Montrose, which produced Kentucky Derby-winning jockey Pat Valenzuela.

One of the most famous athletes of all time, heavy-weight boxing champ Jack Dempsey came from the town of Manassa, with a population of fewer than 1,000 people. It just goes to show that it doesn't really matter where you came from that matters - it's all about where you are going.

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John Elway Calls Colorado Home

Then you have athletes who weren't born in Colorado and didn't go to high school here, but call Colorado home. NFL quarterback and Super Bowl MVP John Elway is one of those athletes who is probably more famous in Colorado than he is in his hometown of Port Angeles, Washington.

All the Athletes That Once Called Colorado Their Home

We have compiled a list of athletes who were either born in Colorado or have lived in the mile-high state. Scroll through the photos below and see how many of these Colorado athletes you can name.

Actors Who Once Called Colorado Their Home

They may not all have been born in Colorado, but these celebs have all called the Centennial State home at one time or another. Scroll on to find out which actors have lived in Colorado.

All of NASA's Astronauts with Ties to Colorado

Who hasn't dreamed of being an Astronaut at one time or another? Here's a list of folks who actually made it to space who all have ties to the great state of Colorado.


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